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The Baldwin team has found a niche in the commercial construction business. They are adaptible, very accessible, on time, tidy, have an eye for value and they care about the client. They're the best. - William H. Rastetter, Former Chairman of the Board Biogen IDEC

At the Baldwin Companies we have built our reputation on Service, Quality and Relationships.

Service is defined as "work done by one person or group that benefits another." The Baldwin Companies strives to service the client. Our president is involved in every project from beginning to end and is accessible and on the job every day. We keep tight control over every project we work on. In order to keep in close touch with the client at all times, we've resisted the temptation to grow. As a result, the level of service attached to every project means our jobs run smoother, faster and cost the owner less.

Quality is something on which we pride ourselves. We know our client's expectations and we exceed them. Much of our work is done in occupied buildings. For us, that means performing work at night and on weekends and having access to our suppliers during those hours. We make sure the work site is clean and ready to go by the time our client's workday begins. Our workers are equipped with vacuum cleaners and cleaning materials so that when our client arrives the next day, their work place is cleaner than when we started. When we perform our work during normal business hours, our clients know that our staff is courteous, professionally attired, and sensitive to the business climate in which they are working.

Relationships are the cornerstone to a successful business. We believe in building relationships that last for decades. You are only as good as your reputation and the relationships you build. If we provide a quality product, you will call us back. It is our goal to service several clients for a long time rather than to juggle many "one time" clients. This is where we significantly differ from our competition.