The Baldwin Companies

  • Construction Managers

  • General Contractors

The Baldwin staff has been dedicated to serving Biogen idec in many diverse project management capacities for years. They have displayed a great deal of flexibility in dealing with our ever changing environment - Ed Dondero, Director of Real Estate and Planning at Biogen Idec

Construction Managers -

The Baldwin Companies serves as a construction manager when our clients need expertise in planning, coordination and control of a project from beginning to end. This includes understanding the clients project objectives, knowing the scope of the work, who is impacted, the schedule and overall budget. We work with the design team as an active member, controlling costs, reviewing constructability, and safety concerns and minimizing impact on existing revenue generating facilities. When construction commences, we manage the project from quality control, safety implementation and contract administration to scheduling furniture installation. Because of our longstanding customer relationships and knowledge of their facilities, we are often asked to assume the role of construction manager in one form or another.

General Contractors –

The Baldwin Companies acts as a general contractor when our client has a clear definition of the scope of work, who is impacted and what the costs should be. We often act as a general contractor in concert with our construction management services. This work specifically involves providing the labor, materials and services necessary to build the project. In most instances, we employ vendors and subcontractors to perform portions of the work. Much like our client relationships, Baldwin has worked alongside our vendors for many years. They are part of who we are and a reflection of us. We are proud to team up with them.

The majority of our work is performed with Baldwin acting as a construction manager. Our size and approach serve us well in helping clients get the job they want, on time within the budget they set. Our project management team has over $400 million dollars work in place during our careers. We are experts at managing the work, organizing and directing vendors and knowing where our client's priorities are.

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